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Vega Tests


The VEGA test is an electronic acupuncture instrument, which measures the body's electro-magnetic response to various testing substances. Through its use we can trace the reason for illness in energetic imbalances of the whole body.
This is particularly so in many cases of feeling not right but not having obvious symptoms, of vague symptoms that do not correspond with a clear medical diagnosis, of treatment-resistant conditions and complicated, long-standing or changing conditions of allergy, environmental poisoning and hidden infection.
Through the use of the VEGA machine, the practitioner is able to quickly obtain information about many of the stress factors that come from the environment and which are not usually considered in normal medical testing.

What is it used for?

VEGA Testing allows early detection of tendencies toward disease, toxicity and imbalances due to various types of stress before they become outwardly manifested. Most commonly, VEGA Testing is used to determine the influence upon the body of:

· allergies
· candida / bacterial imbalances
· mercury and other toxins
· organ dysfunction and imbalances
· stress / depression
· vitamin / mineral deficiencies
· dental materials testing

Along with other clinical observations and tests, the practitioner coordinates this information in order to provide maximum patient care. VEGA Testing provides information, which cannot be obtained by standard diagnostic techniques.

Why use VEGA testing?
Probably the most important function of VEGA Testing is to detect imbalances in the organs The organs are the working units of the body. They carry out the process, which supports life. By detecting these imbalances and correcting them, we can prevent many problems - both now and in the future. Identification of the following is able to be achieved;
· the most stressed organs,
· key blocking factors to a person's ability to apply their own immune system,
· organs that are most affected by a chemical or heavy metal toxin or by electromagnetic stress,
· the origin of chain reactions that have occurred in the body,
· the location in the jaw of a root canal or a filling that is disturbing the whole body's functioning.

All body systems depend on the proper functioning of the organs and related systems:
· immune / lymphatic system
· circulatory system
· nervous system
· digestive system
· respiratory system
· reproductive /hormonal system

VEGA Testing is particularly useful in finding out about health problems for which the cause is unknown; or if there are a number of health problems and the practitioner needs to isolate the main problem or primary cause so treatment time can be minimized; if there has been a recurring health problem or a problem that is not responding to treatment; and/or if the practitioner needs to know the therapy most likely to be effective for the health condition. VEGA testing is able to identify these functional disturbances and causes of chronic stress

Symptoms of functional disturbances

· fatigue/low energy
· reduced immunity
· allergies
· digestive disturbances
· fungal infections
· poor concentration
· anxiety or depressive tendencies
· undefined head, abdominal and/or back problems

These functional disturbances appear when the body can no longer compensate for its chronic stress.
Examples of chronic stress include:
· previous diseases
· inoculations
· insecticide pollution
· preservatives
· medications
· chemical stresses
· scars
· focal processes, teeth
· diet
· psychological stress
· heavy metal pollution
· acidosis & geopathic pollution
· structural misalignments





Vega Machine

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